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 This election year Stanwood will have the Mayor position and 3 Council seats up for re-election. The Mayor position is 4 year term and There are Two 4-year terms and One 2-year term positions for City Council.  In order to hold office, a candidate must be an eligible elector, meeting the same qualifications required to vote, and be a resident of the city. The winning candidates take office January 1, 2024. Nomination papers can be picked up at the City Clerk’s office or the County Auditor’s Office. Nominees must obtain 10 eligible signatures. Candidate filing begins Monday August 28th and ends with papers due at the City Clerk’s office by 5 pm, Thursday, September 21st, 2023.

 The business of city government and local leadership presents a unique opportunity to resolve issues, accomplish goals, and affect the future of your community. The authority of the city resides in the City Council. Council votes on and passes motions, resolutions and ordinances.  Resolutions are statements of policy and ordinances are the laws of the city.  The votes of each Council member are recorded in the minutes of a meeting. The Council also approves expenditures, the budget, contracts, city policies and zoning changes. The Park Board has the power to make rules and regulations for the use of the park, subject to final approval of the Council. Collectively these officials come together and offer their time and talents for public service.


The City of Stanwood conducts business on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at City Hall. Committee work is accomplished on an as needed basis. Annual compensation for Council members is paid at the rate of $50 per meeting and the Mayor at $200 per month.

The City of Stanwood offers training for new city officials through the Iowa League of Cities. The best example of training sessions available for city officials is the Municipal Leadership Academy (MLA), presented in partnership by the Iowa League of Cities, Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University Office of State and Local Government Programs.  These training sessions are designed to cover the basics of city government in Iowa and is the best way for new officials to learn about the legalities and expectations of their new position and to meet both new and experienced city officials. 

Election paperwork is located unde the Community Tab, Under About Us. 


City Clerk/Treasurer job opportunity


The City of Stanwood is accepting applications for the position of City Clerk/Treasurer.  The successful applicant will be responsible for administrative duties, accounts payable, accounts receivable, code enforcement, utility billing, payroll, monthly and annual financial reporting, budgeting and other duties.  The hourly rate will start at $20, with compensation adjusted based on your experience and expertise. Generous benefit package available including Health/dental/vision and vacation and personal paid time off. For full job description and application, please contact City of Stanwood, 209 E. Broadway, PO Box 146, Stanwood, IA 52337, phone (563)942-3340, or email: Applications should be submitted by 11:00 am on May 24th, 2024. The City of Stanwood is an equal opportunity employer.

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Public Meeting Notice


Media Release: March 11, 2022
Public Meeting: Stanwood Brownfield Cleanup Project
The City of Stanwood will hold a public meeting on Monday, March 21, 2022 at the Stanwood Park Shelter located at 105 N Maple St, Stanwood, to discuss the draft Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA), Cleanup Plan, & Site Revisioning Plan for 211 & 213 Broadway St and hear public comments. The draft ABCA presents a summary of known environmental conditions on the site, an evaluation of cleanup alternatives, and proposed cleanup plan. The ABCA is available for a 30-day public review and comment period and is available for review online at the Stanwood Public Library, located at 202 E Broadway St, Stanwood, during normal business hours of Monday: 2-5pm; Tuesday: 2-7PM; Wednesday: 1-6PM; Thursday: 4-6PM; Friday:9AM-4PM;and Saturday: 10AM-2PM and on the town’s webpage at
Comments on the draft ABCA may be made at the public meeting or submitted in writing to The ABCA will be revised, as necessary, and
incorporated into the Site Cleanup Plan for review by the community, project partners, regulatory oversight agencies and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The public is encouraged to attend the meeting to learn more about the project and cleanup alternatives being considered.
The City of Stanwood received a grant of up to $100,000 and a line of credit of $50,000 from East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA) for the cleanup of the Brownfield site, which is adjacent to the City’s current municipal building. The City will also be applying to the IA DNR Brownfields program for additional funds. The City plans to clean-up the site to make ready for reuse. Given its location next to the current municipal building the site is ideal for expansion of the city’s municipal services buildings. The current municipal building located at 209 E Broadway St is shared with the fire department, EMS and city hall offices. The Site Revisioning Plan summarizes community outreach efforts and outlines several building expansion options to support the community’s needs. ECIA along with YTT Design will present the plans and ABCA at the public meeting. This Brownfield Cleanup Project was funded in part through a Brownfields Assessment Grant and a RLF grant that ECIA received from USEPA.

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